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voyager 1

In our website you can get latest news daily and today we found another hot news for you. Another hot news from NASA. Voyager 1 who started it's mission 40 years ago has now crossed our solar system.
It's the first human made creature who left back our solar system and passed from it about on 25 august 2013. Scientist were hoping this about their mission 40 years ago when it is departed from our earth. It seems to be impossible that it can cross our solar system after so many years. It is traveling with velocity of 45 kilometer per second but it needs more than 40 thousands years to reach to another planet. Now it is so far from earth that NASA receives it's signals from earth about after 17 hours. It will remain in the space of stars up to billion years. All information about voyager 1 is published in science magazine. The head of this mission professor Ed Stone has informed that it is a great achievement for all of us. When we started this mission we had hoped that one day this voyager will cross our solar system. Note that distance of voyager from earth is now 19 billion kilometer.

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